Sunday, March 25, 2012


As a self-proclaimed writer of badass Crime Fiction, I've run across a few others whom you must read. Most of these authors, and auteurs, are not household names yet, but they should be, cats and kittens. They should be.

First off, if you dig badass crime fiction with a sense of humor, a whole lotta noir, some scintillating sexiness, and enough badassery to shake an RPG at, here's your man:


Embrack is the author of the immensely entertaining Peter Surf PI novels. The Surf books owe more to the exxagerated noir ethos of the movie "Sin City" than they do to Chandler or Hammett, but that's a good thing.

Embrack writes like James Ellroy would write while on an ether and mescaline binge with Hunter S Thompson. Embrack is that good.

Nowhere is Embrack's raw power and skill as a storyteller more evident than in the non-Surf novel, and in my humble opinion, his masterpiece... "The Black Opera." Imagine Ellroy's American Tabloid series condensed into one book and put on a diet of steroids, whiskey, and raw beef.

This book is so good, it needs to be put out as a mass-market supermarket paperback so everybody can read it. It's too bad that literary agents don't read, because Embrack deserves his place with writers such as Stephen King, John Grisham, and Jeffrey Deaver.

Embrack is evidence that self-proclaimed "Utterly self-published" e-book authors need not be talentless hacks. Embrack is a better writer than half the people with "real" book deals who populate the New York Times bestseller list.

Do yourself a favor... go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.Com NOW and download The Black Opera. Then remember your old Uncle Chris at Christmas with a bottle o' something.

Good reading, kids!

Look for Pt 2 soon...

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